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Being a “plant lady”

There are some people who are called “cat ladies” because they have lots of cats. There are also “plant ladies,” or people (usually women) who have many plants and flowers and care for them. These women also enjoy gardening and take pride in their plants. I am a proud “plant lady” and definitely don’t believe there is anything negative about it. I am also a proud crazy cat lady and dog lady. 🙂

I decided to create 2 totes in my online shop related to this “plant lady” label.

Here is the first design:

Then here is the 2nd, monochrome version:

Plant Lady Black and White Tote bag


What do you think?


  1. Very beautiful tote bags. I rather like the colored one more than the monochrome but both are beautiful. Although I am not a plant lady (every plant I had eventually died for no reason it seemed) I am definitely a dog and cat lady, a book lady and a needle and thread lady.