Being Aware is a Skill Most People Have Lost

In saying “being aware,” I mean being aware of things around you. Looking around wherever you are and noticing things like people, animals, vehicles, the atmosphere, even the weather. If you see workmen, do they have a truck?  Are they dressed appropriately?

Living in a era of relative safety has dulled our alertness.  We go to work, go shopping, go to the bakery, buy gas and walk the dog without even thinking about what is going on around us.  Most of us take the same roads every time we go somewhere.  Some places we go are so familiar that we just put ourselves on automatic and then do other tasks like make phone calls, texts, make plans, decide what’s for dinner, etc. We do not even notice what is going on around us.  We figure since we have always done this, then it must be safe….that is will always be safe.  This is dangerous assumption!  Anything can happen at any time, and it you are sleepwalking through the situation, you will be completely unprepared.

Being aware is important. Be cognizant of the immediate area around you and of any people that are within your sight. Take note of vehicles that are close to you and who is inside them.  Keep a flashlight on your key chain.  Better yet, keep a self defense item on your key chain like a kubotan or mobile personal alarm.  If you see something suspicious, snap a picture of it with your phone.  You never know when it could be important……or could even save your life.

Stay out of dark areas and don’t go to strange places alone at night. When walking or driving anywhere check out your surroundings and act confident and self assured. Don’t be afraid to look people in the eye.  Take note of your feelings about any situation you are in.  If you feel trepidation, then retreat.  Listening to your inner voice is another skill that has been lost to most people.  Some people call it your “gut” or “survival instinct.” Whatever you want to call it, listen to it, it can be a valuable tool.  It can warn you of problems that are not visibly apparent.  If something “feels” wrong, it usually is.

Keeping your personal safety in mind at all times can become a valuable second nature if you practice it. You don’t have to keep a bowie knife in your underwear and wear a pepper spray necklace at all times to be prepared.  🙂

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