Are Forums a Waste of Time?

I have several forums I spend a lot of time participating in. Mostly religious forums. Lately I’ve noticed I’m not even really enjoying it. It’s rare that I’ll have a meaningful discussion, or explore interesting ideas. A lot of the junk that happens in forums, like infighting and flamewars, just gets old.

I have been thinking about giving up forums. I am an introvert, nearly a hermit, and forum participation is a major part of my “social” life. I think I would miss the social aspect of it if I stopped. But in other ways it seems to be a huge waste of my time.

I am not really gaining much from it. I have a few friends that I’ve been interacting with for years, and I would miss that part of it. But it would free up time for more productive, important things. Like time for research and study on subjects that really interest me. Something which I haven’t really been doing lately. I seem to be in a rut. No new ideas have captured my attention lately. No intuitions.

My mind feels dull and I’m not sure what I should do about it. I know one of the main reasons my mind feels dull is the medications I’m on. But I can’t really stop taking them right now. Well I could, but then my boyfriend would be mad at me. So that is out of the question for now.


What do you think?


Written by riverwild

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