Are Angelina Julie now considering stepping in politics?

Hollywood actress Angelina Julie has indicated that she is considering stepped in politics in the future. In an interview she said that if he did not do this 20 years ago, she would go there where she is needed. Angelina Julie is a special ambassador to the United Nations Institute for Refugees, and is also active in dealing with other issues including sexual violence and environmental protection. In an interview she told Justin Web about American politics, social media, sexual violence and global issue of refugees.

When the host asked her whether she was considering stepping into politics, she said, ‘If you asked me 20 years ago, I could laugh at it.’ I always say where I am needed, I will go there, I do not know if I’m fine for politics … But then I also have the fact that I do not know if I have any secrets. I can work with the governments and I can work with the soldiers, and I am also in a lot of place to do. ‘ She said that ‘currently’ she will remain silent.

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When she was asked, can she be in a list of 30-40 of democrats, If she is nominated for the presidency of party, she said ‘thanks’ instead of denial. In another Question if she get a chance, Julie said, She intend to fight Presidential election against Trump.


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