Anxious Weekend In New Jersey

September 14 ,2001 Weehawken & West New York, New Jersey

We had planned to go to West New York for Kathy’s birthday. The attack on the World Trade Center that Tuesday had us very anxious about the trip, but Kathy had been worried all week for her mom who lived just across the Hudson. That Friday night we drove to Jersey, saw a significant armed presence near the GW Bridge.

When we got to Edgewater we could see smoke rising from the site of Ground Zero. It was surreal. All over the boulevard from Weehawken to Edgewater & beyond were makeshift memorials, candles, flowers, and prayers. For most folks in Northern New Jersey, it was like their brother or sister had been attacked, & for too many this was literally true.It was not like any other weekend Kathy & I have spent in West New York.

Saturday I took Kathy to the Newport Mall in Jersey City, figuring it would be good to have a diversion from a week of sadness & terror. A bomb threat had closed the mall, so that was not to happen. While the chance to check in with friends & Kathy’s family was reassuring – she knew folks who worked at the WTC- it was a tough weekend, full of uncertainty.

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