All right

Make a note of your yearning.For a day that will come true someday. It was time to open that creased page. Although I may lose sight in where it happens. Ne, it’s okay to step out. Beginning is unexpected. I left it unfinished. Even the memory that was lonely. I can read it and change it to the brighter one. Because I feel that everything will change with just that all right.So leave it coming!Do not hide wimps too. Let’s meet a dream. Even if you call my name to spell this adventure. I’m not lost anymore let’s start a trip together. I might as well know tomorrow. Let’s keep it homework today.I stroked a small anxiety and gave a sparkling color. If there are reasons we could meet unfinished. You know, I can get stronger. If you come close, it’s all-purpose. Someone you do not know. While crying and laughing. Because I keep moving the world. I want to give courage by pushing the back only once all rightI waited for such a day everyday!You can not do it by yourself. Find it and get together again. Even if this adventure story is buried inquiring can not stop. Next  let’s start drawing together. Timing and opportunities do not come. Say goodbye to me. The way to go from now all right.


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Written by seriopscual

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