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A Parent’s To Do List

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A parent’s to do list is always jam-packed with tasks for the kids: chauffeuring children to after-school activities, baking treats for fundraisers and class parties, supervising homework, helping with class projects. The list goes on and on.

But at the end of the school year, it seems a parent’s work always triples. There are recitals, school BBQs, field trips, and end of the year competitions. Not only do parents find themselves having to assemble costumes for plays or theme days, they are also called upon to chaperone field trips and drive kids to special activities such as track meets or school picnics.

And oh, the paperwork! The endless flow of permission slips, medical forms and safety waivers always seems to grow exponentially in those last few weeks of school. Every form wants the parent to enter the same information over and over: allergies, medications, health insurance number, emergency contacts, etc. It’s enough to give any parent writer’s cramp! In this day and age, doesn’t anyone ever consider entering such data in a computer file so the parents don’t have to write it out every single time there’s a field trip?

Is it the end of the year at your child’s school? Are you swamped with extra tasks and paperwork like I am?


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