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A New Beginning (Part 30): Think about others

One of the main reasons as to why the United States of America has the highest amount of coronavirus cases is due to the country’s lack of compassion and lack of empathy towards one another.  Even simple instructions to socially distance are met with major brushback.

“You can’t tell me what to do.  I can do whatever I want.  Why should I inconvenience myself for the sake of other people?”

This lack of unity has led to the response within the USA to Covid-19 being rather disjointed.  Instead of having one clear plan on how to thwart the spread of the coronavirus, each state has a different strategy.  As a positive example, look at New Zealand.  The people unified to lock things down for two months.  Now, there has been only two new coronavirus cases in three weeks in New Zealand.

This ineffectiveness will continue unless we all begin to think about others before choosing to do something in public.  While doing something may not harm you, what you could do could negatively affect others.  Do not cause for others to stumble in this critical time.


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    • Yes, if everyone takes the proper precautions while going outside, then it would not spread like in other countries. The WWE thing was crazy. I saw a tweet from Renee Young saying that she has caught the coronavirus twice this past year.

  1. wow, you won emoji poker congrats!

    I suspect the hard answer to this is that the US has more mobility and more perceived freedom. I remember when the patriot act was passed, I told a co-worker that it wasn’t as cool as he thought. We ruined dinner for several people with the argument.

    Three years later he sent me an apology. The Patriot act was a bad thing. Infringe my rights and I will respond. That has been the cowboy way in this country for years.

    the best way to solve problems is to work together.


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