A French artist imprisoned himself for a week in a statue

Abraham, a French artist, arrested himself for a week in his own wooden statue. According to AFP News agency a 47-year-old French writer Ibrahim Ponichol has imprisoned himself in a statue of a long-lasting lion kept in the dense forest. He will be closed on June 8 in their own wooden statue. In order to meet the food requirement, they also keep dry meat, vegetables and a few fruits.

This is not the first time when French artists are going to perform an adventure, but he have already done interesting and amazing adventures that have become popular because of them.

French artists sometimes turn off within a ton of stone for themselves for three weeks, sometimes they spend 13 days in bustle and insects. Similarly, sitting in a glass house for three weeks on the eggs.

Through these adventures, he wants to convey the message to the world that how life in our surroundings is living and what is their needs, and in the same way, how can we help other creatures.


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