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A Collection of Cars

Just a few cars to show for fun. I don’t know why some people go mad over cars, when to me as long as it looks nice and is reliable transport. It’s enough.

However, I understand why some are sentimental about certain types of vehicles which brings back nostalgic memories.

Here are a few experiments

#1 Black and White Cars

The first one you see has a flat back tyre and there are weeds growing by the footpath by the front wheel

#2 Black and White Car photo

Note the weeds or long grass by the front tyre. 

#3 My parents and their first car.

I believe it was a model T and my parents were only just married about 1948. Well, before I was even thought of. My Dad did all of the driving. 

#4 The Green car

Which is the same as the Black & White car with a flat tyre and weeds by the front tyre. 

#5 Green car now Black & White

I have experimented with turning this car into black & white.

It's not my car.

#6 Car in colour again

Now here is an idea.

I don't know why Im taken with a car that has a flat back tyre and long weeds at the wheel.

Its not even my car.

What do you think?

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