7 things you have to give up trying to control

Most of the people are willing to know what’s going to happen in a certain situation instead of waiting until the very end and see it all. However, the things you are not able to control are the things that are burning your brain. Whatever you cannot control, controls you! Therefore, the sooner you learn the things that you have no control over, the better for you, especially for your health.

1. Changes

It’s what keeps the planet spinning. The worst thing about the life is that everything changes, everything comes and goes, even the happiness. The best thing is that even if you are going through a bad period in your life, it cannot rain forever! So you better accept that no meter what, nothing lasts forever therefore the changes are inevitable. 

2. The time

Some days you will wake up to a bundle of snow or heavy rain. You would have to change your plans for going to the beach or you would have to skip the coffee you were about to take with your best friend. At the beginning this will make you hate the whole world but the most important thing is not to allow this feeling to destroy your entire day. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life!

3. The traffic

Be always ready to face and get stuck in a traffic jam. You can always try to find an alternative way to reach home and that’s a good idea. But get ready that sometimes this won’t be under your control. You will see a couple of cars and you’ll start panicking. Waiting can be boring indeed but your brain has to know ways how to change all this before it gets too late. 

4. The past

What it’s done, it’s done. Long story short. It could hurt but this is always up to you. Be aware that you are the one who’s choosing your thoughts. The sooner you get this, the less headaches you’ll have.

5. The future

Except if you’ve mastered the Low of Attraction, in this case you are safe and careless. However, be ready to face difficulties and obstacles which are not the indicator that you have to give up on your dreams. Learn to live in the present and be mindful and your future is safe. Avoid overthinking as what you’ll create more are problems that haven’t been there at first place.

6. Other people’s opinion

Stop getting distracted by things that has nothing with your goal! Stop explaining people your point of view as they will always look through their window and what will determine their opinion most is their own character. Everyone is free to think whatever he wants, so you are. Use this fact in your favor instead being a prisoner of the other people’s opinion. Grow up eventually and love yourself first.

7.  Someone else’s happiness

No matter how much you want you family and friends to be happy, that’s out of your control. Of course you can try to help as much as you can, however, learn that everyone is responsible for its own happiness. Try to help them find the positive aspects in every situation but don’t blame it on you if they are not able to see what you are trying to show. Another thing to bare in mind is that yourself goes first. You cannot share love and happiness until you don’t live it inside you. No one gives what he doesn’t have!


What do you think?