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The advantage of making your bed every day

It seems like there is much greater advantage of doing your bed, not only preventing the crumple of the sheets. In fact, the results of a recent research have shown that the simple act of making your bed is one of the habits that improves your creativity, productivity and mood. 

The people who always make their beds tend to be morning people, wake up earlier and even don’t need a nap, unlike the people who are too lazy to make their bed. An interesting fact is that those people tend to love jazz music, are more confident and are more adventurous than the others. 

On the other hand, the people who skip this routine tend to sleep until later, the research shows. They even tend to work in the business and financial areas, seem to be more shy, more curious, sarcastic and moody. 

This leads to a question: Do you avoid making your bed because you are unhappy or you are unhappy because you avoid doing your bed? According to some experts, making your bed can do miracles when your self-confidence is in question. 

“It shows my passion for the details and at the end of the day it will always remind me of the good things I’ve done during the day, something I should be proud of, no matter how small that thing is!” – says William McRaven in his book “Make your bed: Little things that can change your life…And maybe the world”. 


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