5 Reasons To Take an Internship This Summer

Internships are a year-round affair at most companies, but many students prefer to take them during the fall and spring semesters. That said, there are some great reasons to do your internship during the summer. According to Jonathan Garrido, a career advisor from Careers Booster, there are 5 key reasons why it’s a good idea to opt to do your internship during the summer.

1. You get to settle on your Dream Career Earlier

College students in the US tend to start their college semesters in the fall. This is typically a time of exploration for them and, while they may think they already know what major to take, they are likely to change their mind a few times and switch majors. If you decide to take your internship in the summer, before you start college, you give yourself the opportunity to change your mind sooner. You might realize you don’t actually want to do whatever major you picked and go on a different career path. On the other hand, you might love your chosen major even more.

2. The Range of Companies to Choose From is Wider

Like I said at the beginning, most companies offer year-round internships, which means you’ll probably be able to get a good internship whenever you want. However, there are some companies that only take interns in the summer. A lot of the time these also happen to be top tier companies where you are likely to gain the most experience on the job. The specific place you’re hoping to intern at might just be a summer internship opportunity. If you restrict yourself to fall internships, you might not have as many options as you’d like.

3. You Get to Make the Best Use of Your Time

Most colleges tend to limit the number of courses you can take during the summer. Of course, this depends on your major and how you’ve planned your course, but there’s a pretty good chance you won’t have too many options for summer classes. That means your summer will be free. What better way to use your free time than to apply for a summer internship?

It helps you take advantage of the one time during the year when you won’t be bent over double under the load of school work that you have during other months. That way, you can earn some extra course credit by taking your internship during the summer instead of the fall or spring. Another advantage you’ll have in this respect is that you’ll also face much less competition. Most of your peers will be going for holidays during the summer to exotic destinations or simply going to see their families back home. There ’s no need to spend your time alone on campus. You can use this time to get an internship; a great use of your time and a much easier opportunity to grab than doing it during the spring or fall.

4. You May Just Graduate a Lot Sooner

Remember what we said about making better use of your time? Well, a summer internship might just give you the opportunity to graduate much sooner. How? Think about it: You get to earn credits during the summer, when you would have otherwise not been earning any credits, easing your workload in the later months. This allows you to graduate sooner and save yourself the stress of dealing with more time in schooler and more cash spent on your education.

5. You Could Earn a Little Extra Cash

Doing your internship in summer can be a win on two fronts: If you wanted to get a summer job and also wanted to be able to do your internship in summer, why not kill two birds with one stone? If you’re lucky, and your dream company is offering paid internships, you can get the best of both worlds.


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