3 Ways of How Being Bullied Can Help you to Become Truly Successful

Did you know that more than one student in every five is bullied? This makes 20.8% bullied kids who struggle with anxiety and constant fear. For a bullied kid, it is tough to imagine what life would be like without physical abuse or taunting, and they often lose hope that this situation will change. In most cases, bullying has long-term effects on the kid, regardless of the form.

Whether you’ve been bullied because of your appearance, sexual orientation, race, or any other thing that makes you different, remember that you can experience this as a life-changing period either for better or for worse. Plenty of celebrities have gone through such phase in their life, but they still managed to turn this frustration into a success.

‘’People are being bullied for different reasons, and this terrible situation does not only happen to kids. However, adults can see things from a different perspective and are able to fight off bullies much faster than a kid. This is why, in addition to helping kids who are being bullied, parents must teach them to turn such experiences into a life lesson’’ – explains Bethany Sampson, psychology expert at Aussie writings.

Following are the three things you can actually learn from these horrific experiences, and turn your memories into success. We combined these with the stories of some of the most successful people in the world who same as you, have been bullied.

Accept Your Weaknesses

We all have our weaknesses, and some of them can be a reason why others bully you. This sure does not justify other’s behavior, but if you learn to accept your weaknesses, you can focus on your traits and build your path to success faster than anyone else.

Convincing yourself and others that you are much more than a flaw you have is a huge motivation. When people keep bullying you for a thing that makes you different, accept this and show them that your differences make you as amazing as you are.

Jessica Alba

This will come as surprise, but Jessica Alba had a terrible time while at school. The star explains that she was not as attractive while in school, her family was poorer than any other in her class, and she had buck teeth. This led to her being pinned as ‘uncool’, so Alba had to spend the lunches in the office of the nurses for safety, as well as have her dad walk her to her school.

But, this did not stop Alba from being the person she knew she could be. She talks about her acting classes: ‘’The idea that for an hour I could be someone different was amazing. I was determined that this was something I was going to be good at. This was a part of my life no bully could ruin’’

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is not only successful and talented, but very beautiful and stylish, too. Back in school, other kids did not appreciate her uniqueness and style, and they bullied her on regular basis. But, Bullock made it through these troubles with the help of the confidence her mother gave her. For this time of her life, Bullock says: “Uniqueness was something my mother pounded into me. I’ve made peace with the fact that the things that I thought were weaknesses or flaws were just me. I like them.”

Overcome Barriers

Instead of seeing bullying as something that ruined your life and made you hateful, try to use the frustrations as a motivation and practice to overcome any barrier that comes your way.

Michael Phelps

Back in 2008, Michael Phelps got worldwide recognition for his amazing performance at the Olympic Games in Beijing. He earned the ‘greatest Olympian ever’ title for most gold Olympic medals for an individual (nine in total).

Before this happened, Phelps was living a much different life as a kid. He had lisp, very long arms, and ‘sticky-out ears’ that others saw as a reason to bully. These long arms were different from others, but they were what actually made Phelps reach greatness.  In fact, his story is one of the best stories and an inspiration to bullied kids from all around the world. It means that not only you can survive being taunted, but you can fight through them and work hard to achieve greatness.

Bill Clinton

Could you imagine President Bill Clinton being bullied? Before he became the leader of the free world, Clinton was picked on in high school for being a fat boy that is in a band. The taunting focused on his appearance, clothing and music, but Clinton did not let this become a barrier and stop him from doing what he wants.

In addition to becoming a President, Clinton is also a celebrated saxophone player. He speaks about his bullying experiences in his memoir called My Life: “I had learned that I could take a hit and that there’s more than one way to stand against aggression.”

Become Stronger

Bullying must be stopped and being a victim of such torture is never good, but in most cases, kids are left on their own. They are either scared to share their problems with others, or cannot find the help they need.

Regardless of the reason, there are two outcomes of being bullied – you can either put up with bullies throughout life, or gather your strength and fight for yourself.

Eva Mendes

After long time of being bullied, Mendes decided she should stop showing her fear and start standing up for herself. She was miserable at school because of two bullies who tortured her throughout junior high school.

“Only later could I see that I was showing them my fear and that’s what they were pouncing on. When I finally stood up to my bully, that’s when things changed for me.” – says Mendes about this experience.

These people should serve you as an inspiration that you can fight and overcome bullying. Do not let this guide your life in a wrong direction – use it to become successful!

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  1. It would be good that there was no violence.Instead of seeing bullying as something that ruined your life and made you hateful, try to use the frustrations as a motivation and practice to overcome any barrier that comes your way.

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