3 Benefits of Wisdom

There are certain incentives that a person receives when he or she chooses to seek after wisdom. The daily residuals from pursuing wisdom will make the time and the sacrifice feel small in comparison. There are three major benefits that a person receives along the path of prudence.

1. Right-standing in life. Do you feel like you are out of place in life? Do you wake up everyday asking, “What I am supposed to do?”

Uncertainty in making future life decisions occurs due to a lack of knowledge. However, acquiring wisdom will establish what steps you will need to take in the future. Wisdom is sort of like a blueprint for your life. That garnered information will begin to establish an outline for your life because wisdom will guide you towards what truly interests you.

2. Separation. The process of wisdom results in separation because wisdom allows for a person to uncover his or her true identity. Therefore, a person who has grasped his or her true identity is no longer able to defraud another person. Separation brings about transparency. Being real will give you the advantage over the billions of people upon this earth.

3. Redemption. Redemption is such a powerful concept. Once you gain an understanding of redemption, then you will be incessantly obsessed in seeking after wisdom on a daily basis.

Here’s an awesome example that will give you a clear understanding of redemption. When you go to the movies, you must buy a ticket at the front window of the movie theater. Once you have the ticket, you then give the ticket to the movie usher within the theater. The usher then redeems the ticket and gives you access to the movie that you have chosen to see. Those who do not have a ticket will not be able to see the same movie that you have chosen to see.

Wisdom is the ticket in life that allows for redemption. Due to redemption, a person then gains even more access to see things that others are not able to see. That extra vision will give a person insight into what needs to be done in the future.

These three benefits of wisdom will give you the upper hand in whatever circumstance you may be going through presently within your life. In the comments, let me know how wisdom has benefited your life after you have read this post.


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