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12 Things Introverts Love Doing

Have you ever wondered which things introverts prefer doing than confining themselves to their own solitary world? Maybe you have thought they are lonely, miserable and pathetic individuals. They don’t like parties and don’t like to talk a lot.

However, there are things introverts love doing that might seem weird, if not strange, for the extroverts to fathom.

The following are things introverts are best at doing, that is, they enjoy doing.

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 1. Reading

Introverts are avid readers. When they prefer spending their time alone, it doesn’t mean they’ve nothing to do. They’re are busy turning on the pages of a novel, a book, a magazine or anything that may arouse their reading curiosity.

 2. Writing

Majority of introverts are writers since they’re good in talking in their thoughts than audibly. Not necessarily does it mean they are published writers. Sometimes they want to express what is in their mind in form of writing for evaluation, reflection or for their own musing. Before the Advent of computers, they were good at letter writing including romantic love letters.

3. Listening Music

This is another favorite among the introverts. The songs engage the introverts’ minds on different levels and act as a companion together with reading books.

 4. Talking and Playing with a Pet

Although majority of introverts prefer cats to dogs; a few of introverts are also fans of dogs. If an introvert is not playing with a cat or dog or another pet, she’s talking with the animal. Or, she might decide to take her pet for a walk.

 5. Offering Creative Excuses of Not Attending a Party

Some introverts don’t love parties while some do love them though not on a frequent basis. Thus, introverts have developed creative ways of turning down an invitation to a party. The fact they will meet strangers, they will be forced to talk for long, they will miss their bed or pet they left at home and their mental battery will quickly drain will be among the reasons they will turn down a party invitation by offering creative reasons why they won’t attend the party.

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 6. Watching Movies

Rather than attending a party or talking for long with a friend or a group of them, an introvert would prefer sitting in front of a television. They would either watch a movie, documentary, comedy or cartoons to name a few.

 7. They Like Thinking a Lot

While they are not talkative, they are great thinkers. They may spend most of their time thinking.

At times I might be fully engaged in my thoughts when I am alone. The thoughts might not be necessarily about the stresses of life and what I ought to do or not do. I might be replaying a movie I saw several months or years ago or creating a film of my own in my mind for my own musing.

 8. They Like Listening

What they lack in talking they make up for listening. They are great listeners which makes them good candidates for a counselling job. They listen a lot but talk a little.

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 9. They Like Watching

I like watching people, animals, vehicles and anything else that might arouse my curiosity to watch. It’s something I enjoy doing.

 10. They Feel Mostly Connected to Nature

Introverts feel connected to nature. They can’t get enough of it as the breathtaking views is something they wish to behold for long. I can stare at a mountain or lake for a lengthy time. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated or my mental energy renewed from just watching nature in its different dimensions and. More than that I feel inspired, encouraged and motivated.

11. Ignoring Calls and Texts

It’s not that they don’t want to talk to you or chat with you through texts. While they love chatting through texts than talking, at times they feel overwhelmed chatting. Thus, they may take their time to answer your texts. You shouldn’t take this gesture in bad faith because chatting through texts translates to talking audibly. And talking for long is never ingrained in their veins.

12. They Like to be Invisible in  Public

Whether they are in the midst of a group of people or friends, an intro ert would prefer to be invisible among them. They talk less and engage themselves less if the conversation or party carries on for long. They will be busy or pretend to be with their mobile phones on engaged in something else other than talking.


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Written by Benny

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  1. Yes, that describes me to a tee, especially talking to animals. I would hold long conversations with my previous three dogs and cats and now with Runt. I considered my pets as confidentes, listeners to my ranting and raving, and most of all my best friends. Why? Because they would just listen and not express any opinions. Not because I do not necessarily want opinions, it is just that they are just too much for me to listen to. And as you can see, I do not mind talking while typing my words, although I hate to text and answer texts. Guess what, I am an introvert…

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