10 Ways I Organized and Simplified my Life

I think this video is interesting. After watching it, I am considering on doing something similar to simplify my life. I agree with most of the items on her list. I think I have stopped impulsive shopping. When I was young and thinner, I bought a lot of wholesale shopping, some might have been “fast” shopping, lots of vendor shopping, and other sample sale fashions. I was young and I was mostly into the look. I have also bought uncomfortable high heel shoes because they looked cute, but I cannot walk in it. So, now, I need to make sure I wear such shoes at places I don’t need to walk much. I  noticed that as I get older, I tend to be more particular about what I buy and what I do with my life.

So, I decided to create my list here:

  • I don’t want to buy souvenirs anymore either. Instead, I prefer going out, experiencing life, living, taking snapshots and blogging about experiences to share my lifestyle souvenirs with the world.
  • I need to make sure the shoes I buy are comfortable to walk in because I walk a lot. I don’t really buy unless I really need it. Last year, I bought new sneakers because mine were falling apart.
  • I don’t really shop vendor shopping anymore. I prefer to wear my good quality items on a daily basis nowadays. I guess I am getting older, and my style is also changing to mature items rather than trendy items. (I still wear my old trendy items if they come back in style and they still look good, but I seem to be wearing it less).
  • Even when grocery shopping, I tend to buy certain items, such as organic, vegan, sometimes vegetarian, natural, and against animal testing.
  • I also need to make sure my clothes and accessories are pleather, or any fake version, which is sometimes hard to find.
  • I need to read more and go on the internet less. I have a lot of books I want to finish reading, but I need to make time to read. I don’t really watch much TV anymore. I usually just have the TV on in the background when I am doing other stuff, like working on the internet or doing housework.
  • I need to go back to my old routine of DIY once-a-week facials, which includes giving myself manicures and pedicures. These days, I seem to forget about my nails.
  • I stopped buying decorations. Actually, I didn’t buy much to begin with. I have one plain wreath, in which I keep on my front door all year long. Sometimes, if I want to be creative, I decorate the wreath with little props for each season. I have an xmas tree with lights I bought from Lowe’s Black Friday sale a couple of years ago. If I feel like putting up an xmas tree, then I usually keep it up during all winter season, from December 1st to end of February. Same with other seasonal items. Autumn would include rustic and warm-colored earthy items, such as pumpkins, turkey, skulls, ghosts, and tombstones. Spring items would include props of colorful flowers, rabbits, butterflies, ladybugs, insects, bees, and birds. And, summer items would include vacation-related items, such as beach and pool accessories.
  • I stopped writing journals. For one thing, my journal writing was never consistent. I always skipped days because I didn’t have anything meaningful to write on certain days. My new journals are my calendars. I sometimes enjoy browsing through old calendars to read all the scribbles and notes I have on each month. I have important notes, such as phone numbers, appointments, events, and important meetings. It gives an interesting summary for each month. I try to do something important or interesting each day to fill my calendar and enrich my life in some way.
  • When the weather is nice, I want to make more time to ride my Huffy bicycle, maybe ride it to the local coffee shop and read a book until i finish my coffee.

I don’t think my list is about minimalism. I think my list is about organizing my life by simplifying things and living my life in the present moment at all times.


What do you think?

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