The sound of water is so peaceful

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Hello folks, how has your week been going for you? smooth, hectic, hard to bare, crazy, or just easy as pie?I have to say mine has been pretty good, today is bill day & that’s even going to go smooth for the 1st time in yrs, I started my week Saturday Morn @ 1 am digging the 1st hole for my pond set up & my last hole Sunday.

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Something about a pond in the yard just thrills me to no end that I love to watch the fish swim about & the sound of running water is SO peaceful & relaxing that I just had to find a spot in the yard where I could have one to sit at in the morn when I have my coffee to start my day, & now that I have my ponds in the ground.

I have just the pluming to do on them now where 1 flows into the other & gets pumped by a swimming pool pump, the 1st 1 (the smallest 1) is the filter container that will flow into the 2nd one which is the stock tank that will flow into the last 1 which is a 6 ft round bath tub that’s 2 ft deep, the 2nd & 3rd one is in the ground.

Now WHO do you know that’s 60 yrs old & goes & digs out to make a pond in their yard? I don’t know any 1 but me, it’s not a easy job but when you have the termination it becomes as easy as cleaning house or swimming well maybe not to everyone, but lets not forget I also have a bad back too but I didn’t let that stop me either.

Now that I have everything set up & all the hard work is done the rest of my week is going as smooth as water running out of a faucet, ha ha ha we have found a cheaper auto ins & we’re fixing to get a cheaper car pymt & THAT is what has made my WHOLE week go as great as it has EVER went in 30 yrs & I’m tickled pink with it.

Here’s a few ponds that I have found that I’d like to share with you & if you had a chance to put one in your yard which one would you like to do? I would like to have a few of them I seen on here myself BUT being I don’t have the space NOR the money to make one like I want & the items here I already had I could use as a flowing pond. my friends I would love to hear what pond you would do in your yard IF you had the chance or wanted to set 1 up, me I’d have the 1st one the 4th one, the 6th one, 7th one 8th one, 9th one, & if I had a BIG enough yard I’d have as many as I could put in it so I would have a different one to enjoy everyday & one that I could fish in.

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I hate to but I have to go pay some bills so I hope you all have the rest of the week go as great as mine has so you all take care &  we’ll talk again soon god bless you all be creative & happy life is only so long to enjoy.


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