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The Alphabet Photo Challenge: The Letter "G"

The letter “G” in the Alphabet Photo Challenge goes to Garden.  You can have a vegetable garden or a flower garden.  Many people have both!

We strive to put in a vegetable garden every year and something goes wrong or happens.  This year my mom was ill and hospitalized in another city.  When she was discharged she came to stay with me to improve.  Because of the time and attention I had to devote to my mother, we missed planting our garden. It was already delayed with continuous rain in April.  I ended up putting a few things such as tomatoes in pots and we experimented with container gardening.

Do you usually plant a vegetable garden or a flower garden?

Photo Credit:  Pixabay, public domain


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Written by Karen Gros

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  1. I am hoping that we get a garden in this year. Something always happens with someone in the family getting sick, in hospital or needing care. I have my mom living with us now so have a lot more to do in the house. That is just a stock photo with public domain. It’s a very neat and well cared for garden, isn’t it?

  2. That photo just drew me in. LOOK at the color of that soil. Happy little tomato plants. So sorry you were not able to plant one in the ground. How did the container garden do? I do not have any room, and love to plant a few things. I always have a tomato or two, peppers, lettuce since it is still cool enough in the spring.

    • The tomatoes did so-so. Actually they were still producing when the first big freeze hit in November. I didn’t have any place to put them inside so lost those tomatoes. The banana peppers did the best. We had banana peppers whenever we wanted them and they just kept on producing. The bell peppers and cucumbers did not do well. Those plants were left in my hubby’s care while we did a five day girl’s trip and he didn’t water enough. Men!!


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