Spring Garden Show 2019 Event Centerpiece

Thursday, 4.25.19

I decided to make a video of the Spring Garden Show’s main centerpieces for 2019. It looks like a huge underwater marine life in 3D, placed in the center courtyard of the indoor mall. The bright sun ray coming down from the sun roof looks like a bright ray of hope, shining on the earth as a sign of spring’s rebirth and new beginnings. As I walked around this structure to record it, I felt like I was walking inside a huge aquarium. 

Moreover, I used my Pictar iphone accessory, which has camera features, such as ISO, shutter, automatic, and manual.


What do you think?


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    • this sculpture is temporary for this 4-day spring garden show event at the local mall. it is made from natural items, such as flowers, greens, seeds, etc, kind of like the Rose Parade. the company who does this sculpture also works on the rose parade floats.

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