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Simple tricks to keep your bedroom clean

Bedroom – a place where the body and soul rest. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget to pay attention to this room. And, in vain, a poorly maintained bedroom can negatively affect both the quality of your sleep and your mood.

Pay attention to the floor under the bed

It is very important to sweep or vacuum the floor under the bed when cleaning the bedroom. Although it does not fall into the eye, it is very harmful to hygiene – dust that accumulates under the bed can cause allergies. If you tend to keep items that are rarely used on the floor under the bed, first pull them out that they would not prevent cleaning. At the same time, it will be an opportunity to assess whether those things are still needed for you.

From dust, dirt and the accumulation of pet hair, the floor under the bed is well protected by a bed skirt covering the edge of the mattress and bed. 

The other way is to buy a bed so that there is no gap between the floor and the furniture.

Don’t be lazy to make the bed daily

The difference between may indeed be essential. If you want the bedroom to look neat, set a few minutes in the morning to make your bed. Think about reducing the number of decorative pillows and blankets. While this can make a stunning effect, it is really hard to make the bed every morning perfectly.

True, it should be allowed to “breathe” before making the bed. So do not rush to do it straight after you get out of the bed – leave it for a couple of minutes to ventilate.

Do not store clothing on the chair

Some people have not a very good habit dressing off the clothes to drop it on a chair backrest. This over time accumulate a lot of clothes.

How to get rid of this habit? Start with cleaning the wardrobe. If your wardrobe is overloaded by clothes, you don’t naturally want to put on another garment. Free up space in the wardrobe from old clothes you do not wear anymore. It will become much easier and more enjoyable to put on your clothes.

Wash properly

You should know a few rules before washing your bedding. Most importantly, do not undress bedding before cleaning the floor. Otherwise, dust and dirt on the floor of the room will fall directly on the mattress.

By the way,  you need to wash not only the bedding (it is recommended once a week). Although bedding partially protects your blanket and mattress from dirt, you should also take care of the latter occasionally.

The good news is that the pillows can be washed in the washing machine. When drying, throw several tennis balls in order to make them loose. Cleaning the mattress at home is also easy. The first, vacuum it, then clean the stains with a cleanser, and use the baking soda to remove the bad odor. Leave it to work for 24 hours and vacuum the mattress again.

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  1. These are wonderful tips. Since I get out of bed at 4:00 am during weekdays, I would usually found the bed messy when I got home. So, that would only be the time that I could fold the linens and the pillows lying around.

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