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Old cherry

Robin Biznis May 16.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

This is a story about a very old tree-Cherry.We moved to this house we renovated in 2002.The house was built in 1923. The people who had been living here one day planted fruit tree cherry.My neighbors, who are somewhat younger than me, tell me that as children they climbed on a tree and eat cherry. For several years I had to cut off the reach of dry branches from the tree.However, the tree has recovered, it has left young branches and brings sweet fruits every year.This year, because of almost everyday vinegar, the shakes are a bit smaller and less sweet, because there was no sun.Believe me, the taste of this shaking is incredibly good.You can not buy this variety today.I just hope that it will give sweet fruit for the joy of my and my grandchildren for a long time.


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  1. Robin is glad that the tree has new branches that have fruit. When I lived in Bulgaria, we had a lot of cherry trees. This is my favorite fruit. You have the right that we can not buy this variety today. I buy cherries here in Spain, but they do not have that sweetness and taste as old varieties of cherries. Be sure to have this richness in your orchard.

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