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Green Hellebore is the first sign of spring in my garden

Green Hellebore is the first sign of spring in my garden. Even before the visibake he opens his beautiful green flower. He does not bother cold either in February. Green Hellebore was a very important plant of ancient times, especially because of its toxic-medicinal properties. The ancient Greeks used it in the treatment of madness and frenzy as well as in the very effective and rapid poisoning of the enemy.

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Some historians believe that Alexander the Great died of an excessive dose of Green Hellebore that he took for a long time as a cure. Also known is the case of the first chemical war in the history of the European civilization, which was precisely driven by Green Hellebore! Green Hellebore has been used as a cure in the past, but this is, first of all, a very poisonous plant. There are many types of cucumbers and only good connoisseurs can differentiate them.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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