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Give a New Look to Your Garden with Using Grass Rolls

Popularly called grass rolls, sod is typically grass and the little part of the soil that is beneath it, this holds the grass, roots and some soil together; it is likely called as turf in some contexts. Grass rolls are laid on bare soil or dirt or by removing the earlier grass on the surface. This will be a labor-intensive work and you may want to either choose to contract it out or do it yourself. Then you have the sod cutter to be bought or to be hired, hiring can cost you about 80 to 90 dollars depending on the condition of the equipment.

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Grass rolls are usually sold in square foot measurements and you may need to get the exact area of grass that you want to lay and then prepare it for the new roll. The costs for the grass roll is often dependent on how much area you are considering lying and how much square meter of grass is going to be required. For a lawn of 4000 square feet can expect to pay quite a good amount for the same.

Installing the Grass Roll

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The first step is to get your lawn free from grass and clear our any traces of weeds. Then it needs to be tilled loose, you could use a rototiller or equipment capable of the same. This can be made available on a rental basis as well. Add good quality compost to the loosened soil, leaf compost can be a good conditioner and can double up as a fertilizer due to its nutrient content. Maintain the ph of the soil constantly at about a bit alkaline, you can do this by getting a testing kit, also ensure the optimum levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in the soil subsequent to compost.

Areas to Pay Attention

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  • Rain: – ensure that you are not carrying out this project during a monsoon season. Check for the weather report and learn of the expected rains in the area. You want moisture to help the grass roll grow on the new surface, at the same time a downpour will destroy the soil and all your compost on the roll. This will make it extremely difficult to rectify and revive the grass.
  • Temperature control: – It is far from ideal to work in summer. Your money on the grass rolls is at the mercy of the beating sun. Very hot weather will make the grass and fertilizer mixture burn, losing the benefits of the entire arrangement and in cold weather, the grass will not absorb the minerals off the ground.
  • Drainage: – Ensure you have already had this planned. After you have laid the grass, you do not really have many options to think about drainage. It is vital to check for provision for drainage of excess water flow. This will ensure soil erosion is under control and you do not let go of too much compost and fertilizer flow with the water due to lack of drainage planning.

Overall the laying of lawn with grass rolls is an effort worth taking; it is both pleasurable as well as saves costs. This satisfying project needs planning skills. Use some expert advice from the grass roll sellers as well. They will have good inputs to share, knowing well the characteristic of the grass they have grown.


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