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Flower Bulbs For Spring Blooms


I know you have seen those huge bins of flowing bulbs as you walk into Home depot or Lowe`s home improvement and that is because its that time of the year! Time to get those bulbs in the ground before it freezes.

I live in Central Alabama, zone 8 according to the Arbor day foundation and its time to plant flower bulbs for those dazzling spring time flowering beds.

I do not just pant one type here and another type there, I plant them together and in every flower bed.

This is how I do it for the best mind blowing flower show:


I dig down six to nine inches and I plant an Allium bulbs , about every six inches.


On top of those I plant Daffodils five to six inches deep about two to three inches apart.


Next are tulips! I plant those 4-5 inches deep and every few inches.


Now are the smaller bulbs of the Muscari planting them only 4 inches deep and you can place them close together.


Top it off with the early bloomers of the crocus bulbs, planting them just three inches deep and close together.

I know this sounds like a lot and that they are packed together but it works! The bulbs manage to make it to the top just in time for Spring.

The Allium, Daffodils, Tulip and crocus are fine for zones 3-8. While the Muscari are better in zones 4-9.

Remember that most of the bulbs come in several colors with new colors coming out all the time, so take a chance and mix it up.


But if you like it neat and clean cut try red tulips and the daffodils cousin paper whites together. So pretty. Maybe orange tulips and yellow daffodils? The mixture of color is all for you to pick.

By Andria Perry

Photos Pixabay

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Written by Andria Perry

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