Everything you should know about LED Highbay Light

In the case, you are looking to change the lighting around your home or office and are looking for an option that provides longevity and quality lighting at the same time, LED highbay light is the way to go. If LED lights come with advanced and eco-friendly features, these lights come with innovative techniques that allow a room with a high ceiling to be as luminous as any other because they are designed to serve inside properties that have large rooms and tall ceilings.

What Do They Do

One of the things that you should know about LED highbay light is that they are designed in a way that allows them to focus light on the room more directly than traditional sources of lights. This creates a powerful degree of illumination across a longer range. Therefore, in case you are a warehouse or retail storeowner that takes up a large space, it will do you good to switch to these lights to make sure that every corner in your workspace is as lit up as you need it to be. Any area illuminated well always seems positive and carries a energy that works best for the people living in the space.

Types of Highbay Light

One of the most important factors that have made LED highbay light a common name among industrial and commercial sectors is that it comes in various styles to serve a custom-made purpose to all kinds of workspaces that take up a lot of space. Some of these types include:

•    A UFO LED highbay light

•    Linear LED highbay lights to light up spaces that are lengthwise long.

•    Round highbay LED lights for befitting inside homes with tall ceilings.

•    Architectural LED highbay lights.

•    Grid mount LED highbay lights.

Certain Features to Know

There are various impressive features that each led highbay light comes with as opposed to traditional sources of lighting and some of them are as follows:

  • Most of these lights come with a five-year warranty from the manufacturing houses.
  • These lights usually provide a voltage of about 120-277 watts.
  • A 240-watt highbay light provides luminescence that can be compared to a 450-watt common fixture.
  • These lights famously come with a life of fifty thousand hours which is much more than an ordinary fixture that we commonly use.

What Is It Perfect For?

It is a common knowledge that no one wants to keep spending money on repairing the lighting source inside of storage or warehouse; in fact, it should be the least of your warehouse worries. In this regard, LED highbay light is the best way to go because they are high quality and yet low maintenance and will last for years without losing their element of luminescence over the years. They are also made in different shapes to serve your unique workspace needs. The clear lighting provided by them makes working inside cavernous spaces inside your warehouse much easier.

Other Miscellaneous Information

You should also be aware of the fact that these lights come in a usual height of about 3’’ and a width of about 8, 25’’. It has an instant turn – on feature and runs no risks of getting overheated and breaking like in the case of other traditional lighting options. These lights also come with a reflector, which is about ninety percent specular, and thus the light technology is precise, coupled with HID equivalent of 400W. Reading up on previous owner reviews about this light will also give you an idea of whether or not they have a style for your singular warehouse dimensions.


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Written by Kate Westall


  1. I don’t know much about LED lighting other than the people who invented them won a Nobel Prize and I rather like the lights. There is something comforting about them.