Day 4 of Spring Garden Show 2018: Floral Design Snapshots

Sunday, 4.29.18

Earlier this morning, I submitted a post about Floral Design but I forgot to add the photos. For one thing, I couldn’t find them on my hard drive. I later decided to upload photos from my iPhone. Now, I notice two copies of these photos that I thought I lost or deleted.

You can create your own holiday centerpieces by using a vase, variety of decor items, glue, fresh flowers, other plants, and be creative.

She used her photos from her garden for the floral design demo. One of the glass vases has a some shiny decor glued around the vase.

She demonstrated separating each flower to cut off leaves and bottom of stem.

An example of decor strand glued around a vase. I actually think that it would have been nice on the whole day, giving the vase a festive look for the holidays.

She demonstrated weaving a shiny wire or thread through the stems for decor.

This was the final arrangement, where she even added some succulents to give the arrangement some texture and greenery.


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