4 Ways How A Fountain Keeps Pond Water Clear And Lively

It’s a wonderful idea to have a pond in your garden. However, apart from initially investing in a pond, it needs special care. Have you looked into your water pond and it seemed lifeless? Perhaps you realized afoul smell from the bottom of your pond. You might be treating algae and weeds in your pond to make you perplexed on what strategies will keep your pond healthy. Here are 4 ways how a fountain keeps pond water clear and lively.

Causes of poor pond health

Decaying leaves, poor water movement, and excess nutrients are the major causes of poor pond health. With little movement in the garden pond,all organisms including fish will have low oxygen. You fish will likely die with the enhanced growth of algae and weed. A quality fountain is what you need to keep the water in your pond moving. This will significantly improve the health of your pond in various ways plus making it look beautiful. Read on for some ways a fountain will improve the beauty and appeal of your pond.

Enhanced gas exchange

A fountain promotes movement of water and improvement in gas exchange.Your pond will reap the benefits of increased oxygen presence and less gas buildup. This will leave your pond smelling nice. The movement of water promotes oxygen absorption when the water is exposed to air. Any gasses trapped in water are released. A pond that breathes will significantly affect life in your pond.

Improved water clarity

Keeping the water in your pond moving lessens chances of forming surface scum. The continuous movement of pond fountains breaks up algae on the surface-limiting its growth. With improved aeration, the fountain lessens chances of low oxygen that comes with excess carbon dioxide levels.This limits the growth of algae. With steady water flow and movement,the buildup of nutrients lowers to make it hard for algae to grow.

Beautiful centerpiece for your water

A fountain will add interest and beauty to your garden pond. When considering a wonderful feature in your pond landscape, a fountain is a perfect choice. A quality fountain has pump housing and a filter made from high-quality steel. This is highly durable to make your fountain long lasting. Ensure to invest in a high-quality fountain to get a fountain worth every penny.

More oxygen for your fish

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As the weather and water warm up, less oxygen is available in the pond, especially in colder periods. Ensuring sufficient oxygen in the pond is the trick. This is possible by installing a pond fountain.This will ensure that there’s enough oxygen to keep your fish alive.

Final thought

A quality fountain adds beauty and improves the life of garden ponds.Depending on the size of your pond, ensure to invest in a fountain that impels enough water. You have an option to choose lighting optional business, and power source. This will ensure that you have been dreaming about. When in the market, it will be very easy to find a fountain with features that appeal to you.


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Written by James Dean