Winter Holiday Decor 2018

Thursday, 12.13.18

This is the 2nd car I saw this week dressed up as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. The first car I saw also had a brown deer tail hanging out of the trunk.

I noticed Santa Claus inside his shack, getting ready to make his annual appearance to take photos with kids.

The fountain looked like a huge birdbath meetup, filled with little birds hanging out together, maybe discussing the crazy human walking through the mall.

Birdbath/birds congregation…like a round table meeting…

I played with this cute robot, which is actually used for helping people find the right apartment that best fits their needs. It also has games. I played memory game, but the tic tac toe didn’t work. It costs $20,000. I wonder how much fixing a malfunctioning robot would cost.

I liked the cute deer in this window display. But I think these ideas are also cute winter holiday home decor ideas.

The same store had this tree. I like monochromatic tree decoration, such as this white tree with gold ornaments. But I prefer a green fake tree with white ornaments, and maybe some silver and transparent ornaments.


What do you think?

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