Tips on what you need to know before choosing soft furniture

In developed western countries, soft furniture is acceptable to buy for five to ten years. In the modern world, with the fast changing fashion and manufacturing technologies, western consumers do not see the point in keeping their homes morally obsolete. In addition, every self-respecting upholstered furniture company presents a new furniture collection at least once a year, where it implements the latest design and technology solutions.

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It is useful when buying soft furniture, to be somewhat aware of its production and structure. Then choosing the maximum quality and minimum prices will be much easier.

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The internal construction of furniture

The most reliable materials from which it can be assembled are deciduous (hardwood) and glued plywood. In most cases, coniferous wood, wood chipboard, and fiberboard are suitable for some parts. Be sure to ask what details, from what material and how they are made, make sure that the support structure is durable and reliable.

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The ways of internal connecting of components are also very important: the most reliable one is glued wood, metal fasteners and screws. Now it is very popular (due to the fact that it is fast and cheap) to assemble the carcasses of upholstered furniture, but it is unstable and not long-lasting. Of course, there are places where there are quite a few places where it is enough a few staples for reinforcement, but assemble the whole carcass with them is already unreliable.

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The soft part of furniture

Be sure to find out what the material is used to make a seat because it is the most worn place. If there is a foam rubber, then it should necessarily be flat springs or wicker rubber belts. The foam rubber itself should have a density of at least 25 kg / m3 for the seat. The lower foam rubbers density is suitable for the backrest, as the backrest load is much lower than the seats. Recently, the so-called elastic foam rubber appeared on the market.

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This is a much better material for forming a soft part than a simple foam rubber, but its density should not be less than 25 kg / m3, and the higher it will be, the longer it will last. If the seat is made of a spring unit, it’s great, but be sure to find out what’s put on the unit – it’s very important that there’s a layer of soft material at least 3 cm thick. Ideally, when placing a felt material of ~ 1 cm thick, foam with a thickness ~ 2 cm (such a layer is the minimum) and a variety of softening layers. 

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The formation of the seat part using latex gives a great effect. This is probably the best material for this purpose, but then the furniture is quite expensive. Feather, horse hair, straw, and even seaweed are still used to form a soft part, but they are hardly found in serial production. This is done according to individual orders.

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The upholstery of furniture

The supply of upholstered furniture is, at the moment, really very abundant and varied, so it’s hard to choose the one-piece texture and color that will suit you in every way. Upholstery is the most expensive material in the cost of any standard soft furniture, so depending on the quality of the upholstery and the price, the price of the furniture may vary considerably.

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Be sure to find out if your furniture is really covered with upholstery for the furniture, because, for example, with a couch, a thin cotton or synthetic fabric that is costing 4-5 or more times cheaper then a  normal tapestry, you can significantly reduce the price of the whole product.

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The low price, of course, is very attractive to the buyer, but after half a year, the paint from the seat and armrests can wear down, loosen the threads or slip through the holes. Upholstery, which the manufacturer assigns to the furniture category, will serve you for a long time and reliably.

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 It does not matter whether it is cotton, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic fabric. In addition, when buying soft furniture, you should find out the composition of the upholstery so that you can choose its cleaner later.

 So, to choose the best quality soft furniture for a minimum price:

  • Try to give as much feedback as possible on the internal construction of the furniture and soft materials;
  • Find out all that is possible about the upholstery (composition, thickness, durability, cleaning materials, etc.);
  • If the furniture looks too cheap or too expensive – do not hesitate to ask why this is so.

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