Tips of how to create an accent wall of the bedroom

Few homeowners want to see their bedroom in a bright image without any accents. Such a position is easy to explain – quiet calm colors, smooth lines, and regular shapes are needed to create a relaxed atmosphere, but our focus also requires focusing centers of attention, contrasting, color spots. Ideally, these accent elements should highlight, emphasize the main interior items. No one will argue that the bed is the focal point of any sleeping area. The design of the wall behind the headboard of the bed as an accent surface is one of the most important designer techniques for many years.

The advantage of choosing decorative materials for sleeping space is that the functionality of this room is not specific and you can use a variety of options for surface design. The choice of finishing materials is practically not limited by technological properties (in the bedroom it is not necessary to withstand the influence of moisture or high temperatures, the level of contamination is minimal) and aesthetic qualities. For the design of the accent wall, the owners of the sleeping rooms are free to use any variant from a wide range of finishing materials – from inexpensive wallpapers to wall panels made of natural wood or leather.

Using wallpaper for finishing

The abundance of color and texture solutions, a variety of prints and colors allows you to find own variant for each apartment owner or homeowners to create the interior of their dreams. If we talk about modern methods of applying this type of finishing in the bedroom, then the printed wallpapers are most often used to finish only one wall, and as a rule, the plane behind the head of the bed acts as a stand.

It is here that you can not worry about the fact that a bright print or colorful ornament will become the source of the stormy emotions in the room, where we most often need relaxation and rest. By decorating the accented wall with the help of colorful wallpapers, you bring the originality into the interior of the bedroom, without risking the atmosphere of appeasement.

Wall panels for the accent surface

Wall panels are not easy to use as the main material for finishing the walls in the bedroom. For such solutions, it is necessary to choose light, neutral variants, with minimal texture, especially if it is a question of placing small sizes. But to decorate the accent wall you can not only use panels of bright, colorful tones but also with an active-expressed texture.

Wooden wall panels are one of the most popular options for using this type of finishing material for bedrooms. The natural warmth brought into the interior of the room by the natural material, its unique design, and texture can become the pivot in creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. It is precisely this situation that most city residents expect after a difficult day to relax in their bedroom.

Soft wall panels or fabric (leather) upholstery is an option to create an uneasy accent wall but also a safe, comfortable design of the headboard of the bed. You can decorate with the help of a soft upholstery only a part of a wall above a bed or give a textile finishing for the whole surface. It all depends on the size of the room itself, and the dimensions of the sleeping area.×2400

Painting is an easy way to create an accent

If the walls of your bedroom are perfectly aligned, then painting with modern materials can become one of the cheapest, but at the same time, effective ways to create the right color palette for finishing vertical surfaces. Mostly, designers recommend for an accent wall to choose a colorful shade, and as the main background of the walls prefer a neutral palette in light colors.
Use brick masonry as an accent of the interior

The brick wall has long been an integral part of the creation of the original interior with the notes of industrialism. The bedroom was no exception. Some brutality, which brings the brick wall with the design of the sleeping space, transforms the interior, changes its character.

Courageous designers and their customers use brick masonry directly as the basis for creating an accent surface, only after having treated it with necessary protective sprays. For more conservative homeowners, it is possible the option of partial or complete whitening of the surface of bricks. In any case, the texture of the brick masonry, its specificity, will add to the design of the bedroom notes of originality.

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