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Thinking about the refreshing your living room or planning a kitchen repair? There I give some modern images of the interiors of private houses, cottages, and mansions. The most diverse design projects in which modern stylistics tends to classics, minimalism, modernist style or eclecticism, are able to inspire the repair or renovation of your home or at least one of its rooms. I am sure that among the bright and original images of living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, presented in a large variety, you can find the interior to your taste.

The modern style of the cottages’ premises interior can be created by the elements of one or another style, with the help of progressive finishing materials and with the use of technological home appliances. Let’s look at concrete examples of design projects of the rooms, decorated in various stylistic directions, how to arrange the situation in common rooms for the whole family, such as living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Classics in a new way

No matter how many years count the history of creating interiors, the classical lovers will always be there. Luxurious canonical forms, expensive furnishings, and accessories made of natural materials with the use of the most advanced technologies allow us not to break away from progress, but at the same time to honor the traditions. The classical interior is always attractive externally, but in content is functional. Practical elegance is pleasing to many people, happy owners of country houses and cottages.

The classical interior of our time and the room twenty years ago are quite different in appearance. Undoubtedly, modern technologies of finishing materials’ production, furnishings, and accessories impose a stamp on the resulting image of space with elements of classics. If before in the classical living room, there was often a fireplace and it was almost always active, now more and more often there are variants of a fireplace performing exclusively a decorative role. And yet, the classic interior is always a luxury, rich, and elegance, enclosed in an elegant shell.

Modern classics can also be seen in very modest interiors – light finishes, simple stuccoing on the ceiling, comfortable soft furniture and, of course, a beautiful chandelier.

But if the classic intersects with the styles of baroque and rococo, the interior always turns out not only to the rich but to royal luxury. High ceilings, decorated with abundant stucco, huge doors, arched openings, carved furniture from expensive wood species, velour upholstery of soft furnishings – all together look not only elegantly, but also harmoniously. To create an interior, in which there will be no feeling of presence in the museum, but will be created a comfortable atmosphere for a living – a difficult task, which is only possible by a professional.

As for the classical cuisine, the canonical in it remained the location of storage systems and the availability of a kitchen island. And if the facades of the kitchen cabinets are simplified, then the glass or crystal chandelier with an abundance of decorative elements will never leave the classical cuisine ever.

What can be more classic than a combination in one kitchen space of wooden cabinets, painted in light colors, stone worktops lined with ceramic tiles with a pattern, of course, with light finishes and wooden floors?

The aspiration to minimalism with the help of contemporary style

It’s no secret that contemporary stylistics strive for practicality and functionality, and no other interior style meets these requirements more than minimalism. At present time, owners of cottages and country houses of impressive sizes often order to create an interior design with so-called cozy minimalism or in style Contemporaries. It is the space and scope, the minimum of furnishings, but at the same time the rooms are equipped with everything necessary, space attracts comfort and a cozy atmosphere, thanks to well-placed accents and applied decor.

We all know perfectly well that spacious rooms with light finishes and soft natural tones are typical minimalism. For the living room, it is enough in the room of impressive sizes to put up the furniture, creating a comfort zone and, if you wish, to hang up the TV.

Small spaces can also be decorated in the style of comfortable minimalism. It’s enough only light decoration in a sun-lit room thanks to huge windows, a wooden floor covering, a soft, comfortable sofa and a torch for organizing a reading corner. The room will not look cold and alienated if you add bright textiles of sofa pillows or a pair of soft frameless poufs, or maybe a rug with a colorful ornament.

Eclecticism in the modern living room

Often homeowners who can not decide on their taste preferences or choose any one stylistic course, order eclectic living room design. To keep harmony when mixing several styles within a single room is not easy. To make the room not a motley embodiment of the mix of all the items bought by you from various trips, purchased in antique shops and in the flea markets, so that the living room does not turn into an exhibition hall for artistic works, but remains true to its main purpose – to serve as a room for rest and gathering the whole family, it is better to turn to the help of professionals.

For the eclectic living room, in the interior of which is involved in a variety of furniture not only from different styles but also epochs, original decors and colorful textiles, the only possible palette for finishing become a light gamma, and absolutely for all surfaces.دکوراسیون-منزل

Elements of the country in the modern living room interior

Even within the framework of a city-style mansion in a contemporary style, there can always be a place for furnishings or decor in a country-style. If homeowners like eco-materials, the wooden or stone lining of certain surfaces or parts of them, then the country style can always be warmed up with warm natural materials and simple items of rural life in your dwellings.

Maybe within a city apartment, a large stone with a lined fireplace or wooden ceiling beams would look like something too rural, but for a country house or private cottage, a similar interior is more than appropriate, especially surrounded by modern soft furniture in light colors.

Modern style in cottage interiors

The soft color palette, natural shades, modern furnishings and progressive decor, but without excesses and excessive luxury, many people now prefer precisely such a golden middle.

Living rooms in private homes can often boast not only a large number of square meters but also high ceilings, huge windows. As a result, such rooms, filled with light for most of the time, are literally created for a contrasting interior – dark frames with a light trim of walls and ceilings, dark wood floor and the corresponding monochrome furnishings. There is only one bright, accenting element of the decor, in order to dilute the atmosphere and give the interior a uniqueness.

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