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Reorganizing Jewelry pieces

Monday, 9.16.19

After my shower, I decided to reorganize my jewelry wardrobe. I hope it stays the way it is and doesn’t get messed up again. I finished around 3pm, and I decided to eat something. So, I spiralized half of a zucchini, added some avocado, added some cheese crumbles, and then added my homemade dressing. I halved an orange bell pepper, and stuff it with the rest of the avocado. I added the same toppings. It was good. 


What do you think?


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    • not the one in the snapshot. i am talking about the one I have in my bedroom, which is a used one I got from a late uncle wife, who died before he did. mine looks antique and kind of old but interesting because it is big with many drawers and compartments for jewelry. it is wood, and i think reddish color, which is probably mahoney, and it stands 3 1/2 feet high. it has some scratches and one of the metal drawer handles is broken, but it still looks cool in an antique way. it kind of looks like a clothes wardrobe but smaller version for jewelry. maybe i will take a snapshot later…

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