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Practical tips for home entrance hall design

Due to the fact that the entrance hall area by the classification of the home spaces is not a useful living space, we often look at these premises with negligence. On the one hand, this is understandable, since few people want for an uninhabited space’s design to spend a lot of money. But look at this from another angle. Namely the interior of the entryway forms the initial impression of the guests about the whole house or the condition of the apartment, which is then difficult to change, and that is precisely what it is becoming a face of the home. That’s why the entryway, entrance hall design should not be worse than the rest of your home space. And of course, the design of the entrance hall should fit the design style of the whole home.

Most often, this space is small, but you need to fit there a lot of stuff: footwear, outerwear, handbags, etc. Whether you have a large or small entryway, the needs are still the same – when you return, you want to sit down, take off your coat and shoes, to set down a briefcase, a backpack or handbag and do all actions quickly and comfortably.

For this reason, functionality, capacity and quality are especially important for the entryway area’s furniture. Often the furniture in the hallway operates in rather harsh, contrasting conditions – in the cold, in the heat, in moisture, even in the dirt. So, carefully select the furniture of the entryway, entrance hall area. But the furniture should not differ from the design of the entire interior and the context of the style.

Knowing what furniture to put in the anteroom, it remains for you to wisely and ergonomically arrange them in this most often not a very big space. There is a lot of debate about the question: what is better – a wall closet or clothes hanger. Mostly, the closet in the entryway area is chosen by those who do not have it at all or have it in other rooms, and if the space of the closet is sufficient elsewhere, the entryway area will look more spacious with the clothes hanger.

The mirror optically increases a small entryway area, so do not refuse to hang it. The mirror is not only functional, but also an interior decorating detail. There are numerous choices of the mirrors arrangement, and it even can be installed in a wall cabinet. But there are a number of other solutions to fit the entryway more stylishly.

But if you live in countries with warm weather, then you can have very spacious entrance hall without overwhelming it with many cabinets and wardrobes as you never wear coats and other warm clothes, so your needs are others. Furniture and decorations of such entrance hall are a bit different.

Some practical tips for your entryway area design:

  • Do not choose ultra-bright, solid-colored furniture, they will put into the shade the space, will look too sterile, and it very quickly gets polluted.
  • Focus not only on design, but also on comfort, on security, and capacity – many things are stored in the hallway furniture, all of which is desired to reach quickly and easily.
  • If possible, plan two types of hangers for clothes – for those clothes which need hangers in order to keep their correct shapes, and for those which you are hanging on hooks.
  • Do not forget climatic conditions of your area.  Sometimes people return home being wet after rain or with snow-covered clothes. Also, the water from the wet clothes should fall only on the surface resistant to wet.
  • Invest in good lighting, it’s very important to notice all the little things in the mirror before going out, because the details are overlooked in the twilight.
  • If there is not a big need, then do not choose low hanging cabinets or models of furniture having low legs. Under them will accumulate the dust and dirt, and the cleaning of all this will become very uncomfortable.
  • Save your strength and make it comfortable for your guests and yourself – set up a seating area where it’s convenient to put on and take off the shoes.


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Written by Fortune

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