Organize Your Rooms to Organize Your Life

Tuesday, 7.30.19

Organizing is my passion. And, I really need to do two of my rooms. But thinking about it just overwhelms me. My whole bedroom, which is a master bedroom with a bathroom is like a walk-in closet. It just needs reorganization, in which I usually do every year anyway because everything gets messed up easily. So, I decided to watch some youtube videos in order to get some new ideas. 

These are simple organizing hacks that I already own. I like the magazine rack ideas. I was going to throw away a really old metal one, but I decided to put in the garage, where I use it for storing paper bags, in which I use as trash bags. 

I think these metal things will take up too much space for purses. But I have a lot of baskets for organizing items. 


What do you think?


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