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Ideas of suspended ceiling decor for your home

A suspended ceiling is also called a drop ceiling. The suspended ceilings are good in that they do not require the repair of old ceilings. They can hide ceiling defects, electrical wiring, communications, and create original lighting in the room. When installing suspended ceilings in the bath, consider the materials from which the ceilings are made. Suspended ceilings meet all fire safety, thermal insulation, moisture resistance, sound absorption, and other standard building requirements.

Special drywall ceilings are environmentally friendly, with good insulation for noise and fire. Such ceilings are fastened to a metal frame. It is easy to install an electrical installation. The ceiling can be painted in different colors. If the surface is flat, the light will be well-reflected. The room will be light and nice.

Suspended ceilings are a rational, fast and fairly cheap element of interior decoration. This is a great opportunity to give the rooms a sense of originality and coziness. This ceiling mounting system can be installed both in public institutions and in individual dwellings.

Suspended ceilings have many advantages: they are easy to maintain, easy to rebuild if necessary, they help to hide various ceiling defects and shortages or installed communications. Upon installation, the suspended ceiling improves the acoustics of the rooms, saving more heat. In addition, there are varieties of ceiling designs you can choose from and integrate original lighting sources in the room. If necessary, ceilings are fitted with ventilation, fire extinguishing systems, sound amplifiers.

Types of suspended ceilings

There are several types of suspended ceilings. According to what their profiles are made of, the suspended ceiling can be divided into steel, aluminum, drywall, mineral, wooden and mirror.

  • Steel type suspended ceilings have durability and design. They are easy to install and do not take much time. Typically, to install these ceilings are used easy constructions. The steel type ceiling can be easily rebuilt; it is environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, and easy to clean. These are their main advantages.
  • Aluminum type suspended ceilings have similar properties to steel ceilings.
  • Drywall, gypsum board type advantages: fast installation, getting the perfectly smooth surface. They perfectly fit for using tricks of lighting.
  • Mineral fiber suspended ceilings are also called acoustic – it has exceptionally good sound insulation. The main advantages of these ceilings are: ecological, resistant to fire and humidity, easy installation, good thermal insulation, low weight, inexpensive.
  • Mirror type ceilings increase the impression of space.
  • Wooden suspended ceilings

Suspended ceiling decor

The ceilings are always visible – they cannot be hidden by furniture or textiles, so white and smooth are still so popular: although they are like faceless, the complex design does not interfere with the interior and visually does not break it. But it is not always necessary to adhere to the usual stereotypes: because expressive constructions, original designs, unexpected color ceilings can become the most important accent of the interior, visually expand the space, and combine the composition of furniture and other elements.

In the shops, you can choose from a variety of colored and textured suspended ceiling panels. To create an original interior, you can use a few different but thoroughly matched panels.

In order to expand the space or to split the space into several zones, it is possible to form ceiling niches. They are decorated with lighting. Typically, suspended ceiling panels come in square or rectangular shapes. When installing different panels, the ceiling can be thoroughly interesting decorated.

If there is a need to divide the common room into zones, there can help the courageous architectural decision. A ceiling panel lowered above the rest zone will frame it the same good as a partition or other element of the interior decoration.

Instead of conventional luminaries, the hidden luminaries – a shining ornament of few parts – can give the interior dynamism.

Colors. White is not the only color for the ceilings. The complex architectural ceiling designs can be designed by professionals, but there are simple ways to change the stereotypical “impersonality” of the ceiling. For example, to paint in a color that coincides with the walls – both the pastel and the rich. This will radically change perceptions about the traditional separation of panels and link them to a single whole.

Or the ceiling tint may be different – it will look very stylish, barely darker than the walls. Even the rich dark colors do not need to be avoided: although it would appear that it visually lowers the room, if it is actually appropriately chosen will cut off the boundaries – real height is hard to measure, and the gloss visually extends the space.


Sterile white ceilings are irreplaceable when this plane is the exclusive backdrop of lighting design. It features decorative, colorful, ornamentation of curved wires of stylish lamps made up over the dining area. For the separation of the kitchen, a zone can be chosen as another solution – the lighting fixture installed in the ceiling.

In the kitchen, where bright lighting is important, the ceiling can be fitted with deliberately positioned luminaries. That the flat plane does not appear monotonous, it can be decorated with surround. Do not forget the practical side: such ceilings hide the surface defects and hold the sounds.

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