Ideas for the ornament use in the interior

The ornament is typical of the ethnic or classical style and is well suited to the contemporary interior. Especially when the modern interior design is characterized by a mixture of styles.

(A repeating contrasting rhythm highlights the wall in the headboard and makes it the main accent of the bedroom. A peculiarly similar ornament is repeated on a cushion but does not obscure the wall decoration.)

What is the essence of the ornament? This is a repetition, accent rotation, rhythm. An ornament can be described as a visual poem, which is also composed of similar elements. An ornament in the hands of the designer becomes a great helper in creating the room’s poetry. Loudly said. But it works.


(This solution is already a classic: one wall is decorated with a contrasting ornamental wallpaper, while others leave neutral, wallpaper-based colors)

(The classic motif is used for decorating the fireplace. Here the contrast is created not by color but by the texture: the matt wall with glossy glare ornament)

Where is the use of the ornaments advisable? I would advise you to combine it in any style in the interior as a sharp accent. It can be used as a decor for one wall. This may be the main motive for home textiles. It’s important not to be afraid to combine.

(A very delicate and design-quality bedroom solution when several ornaments are combined in one room. Maybe Feng Shui fanatics would criticize a mirrored ornament above the bed, but it seems to me in this example it becomes a unitary element.)

                                      (Ornament in an ornament – that can be called the decor of this wall)

And if the ornamented wall can be called a poem, adjacent painted walls can be called a silence. And in the room, there is a mode, which is a music already.

(Yes, in a classical interior, the ornament looks most organic. In this example, perfectly matched wall and carpet ornaments.)

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