Ideas for the luxurious home interior design

The latest trend shows that the interiors are enriched with elegant details: luxurious wood furniture, precious metal inclusions in the interior, crystal chandeliers, fancy pillows, bright wall decorations, decorated furniture, tapestries of various texture. Priority is given to artwork. The exclusiveness to interior decoration gives a small home sculptures, crystalline and porcelain ceramics returning to fashion, intricate textiles, wall paintings, and again the painting is especially important.

The most fashionable sculptures are from bronze, limestone, granite, ivory, gold, glass and other materials. These details, highlighted by cloths or on the special podium, will help you create a vibrant, warm, sophisticated style at home, and attract every gourmet’s eyes. Inspiration can be found in antique shops, flea markets, artists’ galleries or art exhibitions.

The interior design can be created using a wide range of textiles. It is suggested to decorate the house using natural, high-quality materials – cotton, cashmere, velvet, damask, natural leather or wool. It is advisable to use these materials for the luxurious use of furniture upholstery or curtains, walls, furniture decoration.


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