Flameless Candles – A must have for your home

If you are a candle lover and has always had a thing for candles of all sorts, then this is the post for you. The world is changing and innovation is the new thing which compels us to change or tweak our preferences a bit as well. For candles freaks, with innovation came flameless candles and numerous advantages along with it. There can be unlimited reasons behind lighting a candles but there are numerous issues which come along with normal candles and such can be avoided with battery operated candles. Want to know more? Read on and enjoy a beautiful ambience. 

1. Safe

Electric candles are extremely safe which makes it a valid replacement for general wax candles. By safe we mean that there is no risk of your child accidentally burning his hand by the candle’s flame or your dog’s fur catching fire. They do not heat up too much to burn the hand and there is no issue of melting wax as well which would otherwise be too hot when dripped on any part of the body. With these candles you can quench your thirst of the lighting a candle while you are sure that your family is safe around it.

2. No fires

The biggest advantage of battery operated candles is the fact that they do not start fires. Since is the flame is an LED light which is housed inside a closed structure, there is no chance of it causing a fire. You never have to think twice before placing the candle near a curtain or somewhere on the floor because you know the perks already, right!

3. Hassle free

Since there is no real flame, there is no wax melting happening which needs to be taken care of from time to time. This is another great advantage of flameless candles. They are hassle free as they don’t melt away. They are easy to carry as there is no risk of them breaking into pieces like wax candles (well, they are fragile but lesser in comparison to their electric counter-parts).

4. Cost effective

Wax candles do not last long. In order to make one last longer, you will have to reduce it’s usage but such is not the case with flameless candles. Also, aromatic wax candles are quite expensive and they can simply go upto 200$ per candle for your domestic use. Crazy, right? Well, battery operated candles are competitively priced but since they last quite long and you only need to change their battery in short duration, it’s a cost- effective alternative to normal candles.

5. Healthy for the family

With such candles there is no smoke emission inside the house, there is no dripping wax and no hot flames to be worried about. Also, wax candles are made of numerous chemicals, glitters and faux fragrances which turn out to be health hazards when light.

6. Adjustable light

With normal candles you cannot adjust the flame and the glow but that is not the scene with flameless candles. They come with a light adjuster button which allows you to create the desired ambience with the right amount of light. They also come with easy on and off switches which are add-ons to the whole concept.

7. Excellent decor pieces

With flameless candles by your side, you don’t have to spend a lot on expensive decor pieces. Buy battery operated led lights candles in bulk. This way they will be quite economical for you and the home will be beautifully lit up at all times.

Like you never needed a specific reason to purchase a scented candle, you don’t need a reason to purchase an electric one and even if you did, listed above are 7 of them. Now don’t waste anymore time, go out and buy your flameless candles today.


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