Coronavirus in Yoworld

Thursday, March 19, 2020

I went into Yoworld to do decorate my current YO home, which is now a Camelot Castle. And, I notice Yoworld is giving away free Yo toilet paper because of all the Yoworld chats about all the people hoarding toilet paper, among other things like food, in the real-life world because of the Coronavirus spread worldwide. The free Yo Toilet Paper is to remind people to stay safe in real life.  I don’t think anyone in my area has Coronavirus yet. I think it is mostly in big overcrowded cities. Still, many people are panicking, due to media hype and internet worldwide news. Many people are also discussing it on Yoworld chats, sharing information about what’s going on in their town with this issue.

As you can tell, my Yoworld avatar lives in a nice eco-friendly neighborhood with a big modern house, big enough for hoarding toilet paper and food items, as she prepares for the worst but still hoping for the best. As she walks her cat on the leash, she cares around one toilet paper because her local grocery store was out of toilet paper. She is waiting for them to restock. 

The street vendor is selling vegan hot dogs. This house is connected to a downtown street with busstop bench vending machine and many spycameras, include one that looks like a robotic bird. She even has a similar one by her door to keep an eye on her neighborhood. 


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