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Best Ideas for TV Feature Wall Design

Because of modern technology, the TV so flattened that drastically changed the interior customization options. Fortunately, for the better: it has become convenient to merge it into the most unexpected places and thereby create a more aesthetic and more intimate lounge area.

There are two ways where to put the TV: either attach to the vertical plane or put separately on the table, furniture (shelves, cabinets, wall units …). The second way is simpler: furniture already in line with the interior style and does not need to worry about how to adapt it to the TV area, especially since the modern design’s TV you can incorporate into almost every piece of furniture.

On the other hand, although this is the traditional way, possible non-standard solutions because the TV cabinets today can be found of the truly original design. For now, for this device is enough even narrow plane, so furniture can be less bulky, more laconic and shelves can lay out in more original ways and giving the interior a sense of rhythm, which TV really will not damage if the composition is suitable.

The easiest way is to create a balanced composition when the TV is integrated at the center. Asymmetric is considerably more complex: it is worth first to draw a sketch and see proportions around the TV organizing on the shelves books, flowers, and other lovely baubles, giving individuality to the recreation area. It is possible also a quite minimalist way, but very functional variant: the whole cabinet structure is made of entirely enclosed cabinets without handles, framed a single accent – TV.

Different TV wall

TV screen planes on bare walls would seem frustrating and boring, but after all, the wall will be the willy-nilly which is most-watched. So it is advisable to distinguish this wall from the others bu its color, texture or pattern. If it is already destined to become the accent, let truly make it a unique and original. On the other hand, the wall color should not be very bright, because it will be difficult to watch it for a long time. Even more, on the wall can not occur very active TV’s competitors, which diverts attention and distracting. Other items should not be more than half of the TV screen in size. It can vary not only the color of the walls but also other finishing materials: different patterns or textured wallpaper, photo wallpapers, decorative plaster. The main thing is that the choice of wall decoration should be in harmony with the style of the room.


 TV composition

The TV can be surrounded by such interior elements as mirrors, paintings, framed pictures, wall stickers, drapery fabric. The TV even can be framed. Depending on the style of interior frame can be extremely laconic, repeating the silhouette of a TV, or, conversely, gold color, decorated with carvings – such will fit even for the classic interior.

A TV can be framed by wallpaper or a band of contrasting color. Or hung on the wall paintings, among which the TV will be a little noticeable. Fireplace, bookshelves – also suitable for neighbors for TV. But such an interior element as an aquarium near a TV will fade because the flickering overshadows the beauty of the aquarium.

From all corners

Partition not only divides the large space of the room into zones – it can become a place suitable for a TV. If the partition is sliding or swivel, the screen is easy to see from different locations of the room. The same effect occurs if the TV bracket is revolving. The compact holders, allowing to adjust the height and viewing angle of the screen, usually mounted on the wall, although possibly other designs also. The TV can revolve using a special stand – this mechanism suitable for incorporation in the middle of the room, that would be visible from several areas. This convenient option fits both to the large space, and for a small apartment, where the living room is connected to the kitchen.

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