6 Yoworld Winter Home Decor Projects

Friday, 1.18.19

I decided to put together all my December 2018 Winter Yoworld homes into a video. I noticed that I had done 6 home decor projects for Winter 2018. I decided to connect them all together with Avenues and Streets. But the Challenge Rooms still cannot be connected. After uploading my 5-minute video on Youtube, I decided to add background music. Youtube now has more free options. I chose a dramatic classical musical called Winter to fit with the basic winter theme. I also had to add the license agreement for the music I decided to use. I think it is a good idea because some people have asked me whose music I was using, and I don’t know any of these people in the Youtube music area.

In each scene, I filled up the area, whether indoor or outdoor that it feels very festive.

So, which of the homes do you like best?

That is my avatar in all the scenes, wearing candy cane earmuffs, with my cat on a leash. One of my Yoworld friends, Isra_Mexican, popped into one of the scenes.


What do you think?


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