Which Vegetables Are Most Nutritious?

There are slightly too many vegetables in the market today. I tend to believe all green leaves apart from poisonous ones are eaten.

There are other queer vegetables like the unbudded flower of a banana, nettles and many others. One needs to know their nutritional value to know what to eat or not.

Nettles and pumpkin leaves are known to have unique nutrients that can prevent and cure certain diseases. They are also rich in iron which can prevent anaemia. Yet some of these vegetables are not widely eaten. We settle for the few which are readly available in supermarkets.

Kindly post your vegetables here so as to know.

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Written by stbrians


  1. By the way Chilli is great for your metabolism & can lower your appetite
    il vote for Kale as its ritch with vitamins, copper ,magnesium & high on protein and tons of medicinal properties