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What's on the Menu? Glorious Purple Veggies!

The diet experts and nutritionists are singing the praises of purple veggies.  Evidently they work miracles and can do everything except walk on water.  Which is good because if I saw a veggie walking toward me, I’d run for my life.  Remember the movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?

Jokes aside, when it comes to eating my veggies, I’ve never really needed any convincing.  But when I was growing up certain vegetables were regulars on my mom’s menu while others were not.  Love my mom.  I’m sure she meant to feed us healthy food.  But purple veggies were just not something that we ate.

Fortunately after I grew up, I was exposed to a lot of marvelous foods and one purple veggie, in particular, was introduced to me by some friends. The glorious eggplant.

I always knew about purple cabbage but only had small strips of it in coleslaw salad with most the slaw being made out of green cabbage. I never knew you could just eat it all by itself!

Then there were beets.  The one purple vegetable my mom did have in the house.  She loved them!  A food that I had decided, at a very young age, not to eat because it looked like something that was suspiciously inedible.  (Through the eyes of a child.)  One day, as an adult, I tasted beets with a salad.  How wrong can a person be?  I repented.  Now I learn that you can even make beet juice!

There are all kinds of purple vegetables: cauliflower, potato and even purple bell peppers!  I am excited to try them all.  What about you?

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