What is the Difference between Blueberry and Bilberry

Difference between blueberry and bilberry

There is not much difference. They look identical and they are both healthy. One is from Europe and one is from USA.  (I haven’t heard of bilberry before. I first came aware of it on the internet, where internet surfing).

Bilberry has anthocyanidin, which creates the dark blue/purplish color in the fruit and extract. That is obvious because it has the word “cyan” within the word. Bilberry has 4 times the amount of this compound than blueberry.

It is popular healing herb. It is good for eyes, especially improving overall vision, which includes night vision. It is good for vascular system, varicose veins, low blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and lowering inflammation. Berries in general consist of high in antioxidants.


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