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What is for Dinner? … Sopas!

I know that my posts are not actually following the challenge. Since, I just randomly post. The reason for that is due to my schedule. I sometimes don’t eat breakfast or even when I do, I eat it before actually remembering to post about it. And lunch time is mostly done at the University. So, I can only do it on dinner meals or for snacks.

Anyway, back to it. 🙂

So, tonight, our dinner is SOPAS. The literal English translation for sopas is Soup. Well, I don’t think that it can be understood with just the literal translation.

Sopas is actually a soup with pasta(usually, elbow-shaped macaroni), vegetables(such as cabbage, carrots, chicken(or meat) and/or milk. (Basically, just a soup? ) Sopas can be cooked with or without the milk but we want the soup to be creamy so we added the milk. I know someone who hates the taste of milk and eats her Sopas without it. Either way is fine. 

Instead of meat or chicken, we included hotdog. The hotdog is the reason why the soup is pinkish.

Usually, Sopas is eaten as snacks during rainy seasons. But I’m not into ‘usual’ things. I do it my way. So, dinner it is.

For those wondering, yep, it was a really nice meal. 🙂 Hope you’d get the chance to eat it!


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Written by ReignRenRen