Turkey Sandwich Or Turkey Sandwich

I want to talk about what you think is healthy and what really is healthy. Lets build a turkey sandwich.

First grab the white bread, the mayonnaise , the mustard.

Next get the lettuce, the tomatoes and pickles.

Remove two slices of bread and put them on a plate, next put plenty of mayonnaise on each slice and a dab of mustard.

Dig deep into the crisper of the refrigerator and get the turkey sandwich meat.

Shred the lettuce and slice the tomato, pile it on the bread with mayo and mustard. Take a slice of turkey sandwich meat and top it. Pickles on the side.

That is one healthy way to eat, Right?

Wrong! Name what is wrong with this sandwich? Its not red meat so its healthier, right? Maybe its the white bread? or the Mayo?

All of it is unhealthy except the tomato, lettuce and pickle.

So how can people be talking about skipping the red meat burgers and eating more turkey and chicken?

Its all about how the chicken and turkey is made, or not made into sandwich meat.

I know you have seen a million doctors say ” shop on the outer edges of the grocery store ” but they did not mean to stop at the wall of processed foods.

They mean : 

1- fresh Produce.

2- Fresh meats

3- Some dairy products( this one I do not agree with the doctor on but that is another story)

Now lets build a turkey sandwich…. A healthy turkey sandwich!

Two slices of whole wheat bread.

Light Mayonnaise ( none would be better but ya know)




Turkey breast ****

Pickle on the side.

**** means you bake the turkey and you slice the breast meat off yourself.

Although I am not allowed the bread due to diabetes I do find that this is the healthiest way to eat a turkey sandwich, especially since it was just released by doctors that processed meats ( sandwich meats) cause a 40% higher rate of colon cancer.

Now I am sold on that rate of cancer so what I plan to do is buy a turkey, bake it and slice the meat, freeze it and have REAL turkey sandwiches when I want one. Cant have bread? Use lettuce leaves as your bread, its fun to eat it that way. Plus it freaks out the kids 🙂

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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