Traveler Food and Book restaurant of America

Boston USA : Traveler Food and Book restaurant has been established since 1970 and here every meal offer you a book in a gift. Even though the owners of this restaurant changed in 1993, the tradition of gifting a free book still continued, and it has been further improved.

Interestingly, those who come here are also eager to read books, and till now, gift of 25 million books has been given. Resturant also have a 16-foot long container to bring books from the library.

The restaurant owner said, ‘We give one or two thousands ¬†books in one week.’ and one person can also take three books. We get these books from the old stock of the library, But the highest number of customers is themselves who bring books and leave with us in restaurant. Now the situation is that we receive donations of books on daily basis.

At present there are 10 thousand books in the restaurant. often time we required book 4 time in a week. This restaurant is located in such a place where there is very little population. This restaurant is located on the ‘I 84’ road coming from Massachusetts via Connecticut. Here almost every book and subject and topic have been organized in library.

There are also auto-graphic images of many famous authors on the restaurant walls. Traveler restaurant opens in the morning at seven o’clock and people stay here till eight o’clock at night.


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