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Top 5 Awesome Vegan Dishes That Are Not Salads!

No, vegans don’t eat only lettuce. And no, they don’t eat salads all the time. There are so many delicious dishes that not only vegans and vegetarians love. They are easy to prepare and don’t require any fancy ingredients. Vegetables offer the most satisfying tastes.  And combining them is not a hard task at all. However, some of the traditional dishes can have their vegan versions. Satisfy all of your scences with these amazing vegan dishes.

The ultimate vegan favorites

Vegan lasagna

You love the good ol' Italian lasagna? Don't worry, you can easily "veganize" this recipe. This tasty dish can be made with many other ingredients,rather than the standard one with ground meat. You can make the perfect one with different ingredients, like: spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, peas, eggplant, olives. The combinations are endless. You can put tofu or vegan cheese on top!

Veggie burger

Veggie burgers are the all time favorite. You can get creative with these ones. And they can be so delicious. They can be made in many different ways. You can make the patties with so many ingredients. The usual ones are beans, soy, chickpea, zucchini. other ones like peas, carrots, mushrooms can be used. Despite, you can step out of the ordinary and create new ones. It's simple!


This native Mexican dish is the ultimate favorite for the vegans. It is creamy, spicy and versatile. It tastes fantastic. Toasts spread with guacamole are a must try. It contains simple ingredients. This recipe can be made in different varieties. The basic ingredients are: perfect ripe avocado, hot peppers, finely chopped tomatoes, lemon juice.


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