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People are living with the supplement of having a decent job. Enjoyment is one of the reasons why people stay in their respective jobs. If not, then it is about time to move out and find a better job that is suitable for them. Of all types of jobs available in town, food critic seems so enjoyable to do. Why? He or she works by eating a meal and writes also about the environment and service in each restaurant. A food critic is crucial in making his or her ratings. It will definitely affect every restaurant in town.

There are only two ratings that a food critic will write about:

1. Good Rating: If the food critic gave a good evaluation of a restaurant, more people will be curious to try the place.

2. Bad Rating: It is obvious that if there is a poor evaluation of the restaurant, there will be no customers.

Food critic likes his or her job because he or she can eat meals for free. They can even also dine with their friends on a weekly basis. However, I still have a doubt about the free taste of particular meals in the restaurant. Taking into consideration in acquiring medical health conditions.

If we are going to think it over, food critic is really fun to do, you can have all the best when meals being served on the table. The feeling of delightful when taking all the effort to write about it. Taking photos is one of the best things to keep in the portfolio.

Here are the basic questions for food critics need to be answered while evaluating the meals:

1. Does the meal service on the plate look good?

2. What does it look like upon serving the meal?

3. What does it taste with a quick bite?

4. How can this meal make better than the other restaurant?

5. What is the ambiance of the restaurant?


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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